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Investor Questionnaire 
1. Which statement best describes you:
2. The chart below shows the greatest 1-year loss and the highest 1-year gain on 3 different hypothetical investments of $10,000.* Given the potential gain or loss in any 1 year, I would invest my money in:
3. When the stock market declines more than 20% I would prefer:
4. When you make an investment what would be your largest fear
5. Regarding Holding Individual Stocks:
6. Which statement best describes you and fund ownership:
7. From time to time investments owned within a life insurance policy or annuity may present a worthwhile trade-off for risk, or tax purposes, or both. Before considering specifics of these vehicles, what is your general feeling towards these kinds of investments:
10. Our standard service model is to hold a review appointment once a year, to do a full internal review of your account quarterly, and to send the results of a mid-year check up with you. We will create a full financial plan, update you as needed in times of market changes, and hold open events for recreation and education. Does this feel like the correct level of ongoing service to you?

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